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Caved-In Download Free Jupiter Sands Album


Jupiter Sands Caved-In Album Free to Download


Drums - Robbie Cave

Vocals, keyboard, guitar - Tim Cave

Hope Again features Mark Kiff on guitar

Jupiter Sands features Mark Kiff on lead guitar and bass guitar.

All songs written by Tim Cave

Art work by Tim Cave


Songs recorded at Woodview Studios Oxfordshire

The title track Jupiter Sands was original written in 2010 after I went out and bought a semi acoustic and sat down and started to write songs. I'd long messed around with computer generated music but rarely got past 8 bars of sounds - it was time to sort this out! 

What followed was a set full of songs and a series of gigs as Bill and Ben, myself and Mark Kiff.

Since then I decided to turn them into full band tracks and got my son, Robbie, to play drums. 

Hope you enjoy them!

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